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With buying this package you will receive:

» Lifetime access to our Valorant macros including all updates (worth: 30$)
» Access to our MACROKINGZ macro loader (for free and working with all mouse brands)


Valorant is one of the most skilled based shooters released this year and we got what it takes to become a top player on the leaderboards:
MACROKINGZ Valorant no recoil macros! Forget about the nasty recoil, rapid clicking and gun control in general. With MACROKINGZ Valorant no recoil macros you’ll become the ultimate killing unit on the servers. Eliminate a big chunk of the games recoil using our secure mouse macros and make aiming way easier. All macros were coded to still look fully legit on deathcams and for spectators, so that you don’t need to worry about getting caught.
Whatever guns you prefer, MACROKINGZ got you covered with our 🔥 fully secure Valorant no recoil macros! 🔥


Our MACROKINGZ Valorant macros pack contains 19 no recoil macros for all guns in the game. Shred people apart, using the high recoil Vandal, rapid fire your enemies down using our Guardian macros or demolish your opponents using the Phantom! Our Valorant no recoil macros are accurate on medium and close range to get you ready for any kind of situation in the game.
Supported weapons with no recoil effect: Vandal, Phantom, Bulldog, All pistols, Guardian, Stinger, Spectre, Judge Shotgun, Ares and Odin 😈


At MACROKINGZ we set a very high priority regarding the security of our users without making the product too complicated to use. Our MACROKINGZ loader, which you will use to hook our macros onto your mouse and keyboard, comes with a variety of security measures. Without revealing too many details we’ll give you a sneak peak on what we do, to keep you secure:
🔒 Loader never interacts with the game, game window or the games files but only with your mouse/keyboard
🔒 Automatic process name randomizer as well as a different software signature on every Windows start
🔒 Randomize the recoil values with one click, which will turn every Valorant macro into a unique script only being used by you
🔒 All our macros are encrypted to be a file format which only our loader can load and read
Our Valorant macros are fully undetected on: Vanguard Anti Cheat!

★★★ Special note:

In Valorant it’s (currently) officially NOT forbidden to use macros, as stated by the game developers on reddit:

That means you don’t have to be scared about any incoming bans for using macros in-game. Let the fun begin! 🙂


Worried about that your mouse or keyboard can’t use our macros? No need to! Our loader is compatible with any mouse or keyboard brand you can buy for money. You simply download the MACROKINGZ loader, it will scan for your hardware and …that’s it! We guarantee that our macros and loader are working with any hardware set up you own. All scripts and loader are also fully working for internet cafe users!
Nevertheless we highly recommend a Windows version higher than Windows 7.


Owning our lifetime Valorant no recoil macros includes all future game macro updates and patches. You’ll always receive all macros/scripts as files which can be stored on your PC. If Valorant releases a game update we will automatically update our macros …and you can download them for free!
After successful purchase you automatically receive an email with your key, the loader and macros download link!


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