Terms of Service

1. After payment, please contact us through available contact methods and send us your order id to redeem the product that you have purchase.

2. All products are checked before handing it to you.

3. We do not accept any refunds after the product have been sent to you!

4. GTA V Online Boosting Service, will have a 2 day warranty. We are on the market doing this service for already 2 Years and do not have a single ban of detection! Happy Gaming!

5. Please do not give bad reviews / making a dispute before contacting our support if your products have problems! Please do contact us and we will solve your problems as fast as possible!

6. For PC Game Hacks: We do not accept any refunds once the key have been activated, we do not refund if the hack have been down or deleted. We will try our best to make the hack as stable as much for longer time. But once we do not have any solutions to fix the cheat, we will take it down and please do not expect any refunds or replacements!

7. By paying to our website, you agree that you authorized the payment to us and will not make any dispute in the future.

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