Terms of Service:-

1. You will get your accounts after the payment.

2. All products will be checked before handing it to you.

3. No Refunds after I’ll send you the products, unless there is a problem that we can’t solve it.

4. Shared accounts will have its own warranty period, please check our product page for more informations!

5. For shared accounts: DO NOT CHANGE the accounts info. Else warranty will be voided if you try to change the account info

6. For shared accounts: I’m giving replacement only If you have a valid warranty.

7. All games activation keys are all original, fresh and are 100% fully activatable. We do not provide refunds for it.

8. GTA V Online Boosting Service, will have a 2 day warranty. We are on the market doing this service for already 2 Years and do not have a single ban of detection! Happy Gaming!

9. Please do not give bad reviews before contacting our support if your products have problems! Please do contact us and we will solve your problems as fast as possible!



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