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Our Black Squad Aimbot NVIDIA will help you reaching cobra in no time with the lowest detection risk possible. Setup legit settings and start owning you through the ranks!

While Battleye is giving most cheat providers a hard time due to their memory detection mechanics, with our software you will have to worry less, since our Black Squad Aimbot doesn’t read nor inject into the games memory. Our Black Squad Aimbot will only ever interact with your NVIDIA graphics card to work. No Battleye AntiCheat bypass needed. This non-memory NVIDIA based cheat technology is unique and therefore way more reliable when it comes to long-term security and avoiding downtimes. In fact, our Black Squad Aimbot is not affected by game updates as memory cheats are due to the fact that we don’t need to access the games memory to catch so called “offsets”.

How does that work you may wonder? Without revealing too much about our own security solutions we can ensure that our Black Squad Aimbot connects to your NVIDIA GPU to access the pictures/frames generated by your game through your NVIDIA hardware. This process is all automatic, without the need to do anything from your end. Our Black Squad Aimbot will then check for player shapes and certain pixels to engage them based on your own customizable settings. Battleye focuses on cheats trying to access the games memory, manipulating files, inject code, etc.,
making our Black Squad Aimbot solution fully secure in the current state.

No complicated setup needed. Purchase, download, tweak settings and start owning!




→ Aimbot / Aimlock
→ Customizable aimlock/aimbot speed
→ Customizable aimbot flick speed
→ Customizable aimbot tracking speed
→ Customizable aimbot FOV (Field Of View)
→ Customizable aim key
→ Customizable hitbox (head, upper torso, torso)
→ Customizable hitbox height
→ Aimbot random hitbox for legit play
→ Aimbot Pause hotkey
→ Aimbot Panic/Quit hotkey
→ All settings editable mid game
→ Hardware ID locked

Please note: The aimbot locks onto player models in general when holding the aim key, including your team mates if they are within your aimbots FOV. Be careful when using the aimbot if team mates are close to your crosshair. Due to the aimbot running through your NVIDIA GPU it will have an effect on your game performance (FPS). The better your GPU the less fps you lose. Average loss is 30 fps among users. Since the aimbot relies on your game graphics settings you will have to use specific game settings from our tutorial to allow the aimbot to perform at it’s best.




YouTube video

YouTube video

YouTube video

YouTube video



→ Your PC needs to run a NVIDIA Graphics card
→ Your PC needs to run Windows 10 (latest build)
→ Latest NVIDIA GPU drivers installed, including GeForce Experience
→ 3rd party anti virus tools uninstalled (Windows defender is allowed)
→ Any kind of window overlapping your game (like Discord overlay) for example needs to be turned off
→ We recommend running a HD resolution in-game (1920×1080 for example) for best aimbot performance




Do you have questions before you make your purchase or need support and lost your Discord invite?
Then please check the front page of to find our latest Discord account info.
Please allow us up to 48 hours for us to reach out to you due to the large amount of pre-sales support and new user requests we have to handle.



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Black Squad Aimbot

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