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» Access to the spoofer according to paid validity.
» Access to the community discord for support/questions



Have you been HWID banned in a game you love, using a detected cheat? You now don’t know how to get rid of this HWID ban without buying a new expensive PC? You want to prevent games and anti cheats from HWID banning your PC in the future?

Then you should use our undetected HWID Spoofer! Easily bypass current HWID bans so you can play in peace again! 🔥

No complicated setup needed. Purchase, download, enter key, spoof and get back in the game!


If you are HWID banned (hardware ID banned) you are unable to to play a certain game or use a certain anti cheat anymore, without your game account being banned straight away, even when not using cheats. This method is used by a lot of games, such as PUBG, RUST, Rainbow Six Siege, APEX, etc. to prevent caught hackers from playing their game ever again. The game/anti cheat leaves so called “tracker files” on your PC after you first start the game. It also collects specific data about your hardware, sending them to the anti cheat server. This way they can recognize you as a individual user. If you then get caught cheating, the anti cheat will trigger a ban based on the information they collected. That means, even if you register a new game account without cheating on it, you still get banned.

Only buying a new PC or using a HWID Spoofer (like ours) can make your PC become HWID unbanned again.


→ Our spoofer runs in kernel mode (ring0) to prevent detections and to allow direct changes to your IDs
→ No virtual machines or hyper-visor used for the spoofing process to prevent fps/performance drops in-game
→ Clean temporary changes of all IDs tracked by the games listed above to prevent user recognition by anti cheats
→ HWID changes happen only on anti cheat request which makes all other programs/cheats unaffected by spoofing
→ Professional software protection against reversing and cracking to prevent leaks and detections
→ Continuous updates/patches for all listed games to counter new anti cheat hwid ban mechanics
→ Full Windows 10, AMD CPU and Intel CPU support to make using the spoofer as easy as possible
→ Easy step by step tutorial coming with the Spoofer to make using it as stress-free as possible
→ Direct Developer support through ticket system on our Discord server, in case you need help

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HWID SPOOFER ‘SUPREME’ officially supported Games:

→ Escape From Tarkov
→ Black Squad
→ Arma3
→ DayZ
→ Rainbow Six Siege
→ Lineage 2
→ Ark Survival Evolved
→ Overwatch
→ Hyper Scape
→ RUST !!! Please note: The spoofer worked for about 60% of the users in our tests for RUST. There’s a chance that its NOT working for you.

Currently NOT working and under TESTING for the following games until this message was removed:

→ COD MW / Warzone

What’s the difference to our HWID Spoofer ‘PRIME’ (Link <)?

Our Supreme HWID Spoofer supports more games than our HWID Spoofer ‘PRIME’.
The Supreme loader comes with its own tracking files cleaner so no Windows reinstall or Uninstaller tool is required.
You’ll also to be able to buy a lifetime key on our SUPREME Spoofer while our PRIME Spoofer doesn’t offer this option.


→ Windows 10 build 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909, 2004 or 2009 (20H2)
→ Latest Microsoft redistributables pack installed (x64)
→ Using detected cheats/scripts will still get your account banned
→ Virtualization / Hyper-V has to be turned off/disabled via BIOS
→ Antivirus tools uninstalled to prevent blocks of the spoofing process
→ Spoofer needs to be run after every PC restart (no one time spoofing)
→ New game account you have never been logged in before (spoofer can’t unban banned accounts)


Terms of Service: You automatically agree to the following terms: “I am buying a virtual item and will not send an unauthorized transaction, dispute, claim or anything related. I have received my virtual item, therefore I am not eligible to retrieve my money sent.” upon purchase. View full ToS at Here!


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Spoofer Supreme

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