Phoenix Dead By Daylight ESP Cheat


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Dead By Daylight ESP Cheat


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Cheat for Dead By Daylight is a unique development from our partners (SoftHub team). The software is optimized and works without delays. There will be only wall hack and a feature that allows the character to automatically repair generators and so on for you in this hack.




– Survivor – in this tab you can configure the ESP for the survivors.
– VX for a maniac (Slasher) – in this category you can customize VX for a killer.
– 2D Boxes – highlighting characters through walls using boxes (squares).
– Info – display info about other players, distance from you to them.
– Snaplines – lines that will stretch from the you to other characters through the walls.
– Eye Direction – displays the direction of the players’ looking direction.
– ВХ on objects (Objects) – illumination through walls of various objects and their status.
– Status – status is displayed for all objects.
– Generators – shows generators and their repair percentage.
– Hatchs – display through walls of the hatches.
– Pallets – see obstacles and their status through walls.
– Medkits – shows first aid kits.
– Hooks – Displays hooks.
– Flashlight
– Totems – Shows totems.
– Exits – exits mapping.
– Traps – Allows you to see traps through walls.
– Perfect Skills Checks – Allows you to easily repair generators and interact with other similar objects.


System Requirements


OS: Windows 10, 11
Video card: Nvidia & AMD
Processor: AMD & INTEL

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