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Phoenix Apex Legacy


Requirement :

– Operating system: Windows 10(20h1-21h2) & Windows 11
– Processor: Intel & AMD
– Video Card: Nvidia & AMD
– Client: Steam, Origin
– Uninstall any other external anti-cheats, example: Faceit CSGO.

Functions :

– Aimbot
– Aimbot Prediction
– FOV Radius
– PSilent – silent aim. (Not recommended)
– Recoil Control System
– Aimbot Smoothness
– Hit Chance – If silent aim is enabled, this is the chance of hitting the target. If silent is not enabled, then this makes aimbot hit random hitboxes.
– Aimbot Key
– Aimbot body part selection

– Player ESP
– Visible Check
– Distance
– Box
– Snaplines – Draw a line to enemy
– Enemy Weapon
– Enemy Health bar
– Enemy Shield bar

– Glow ESP
– Distance
– Knockouted – color choice for characters that are knocked down
– Low Health – color of opponents with low health
– Medium health – color of opponents with low HP
– High Health – the color of characters with a high supply of hit points

– Spectator List
– Teammates – teammates highlight color using ESP
– Mini-tab menu – turns on the status of enabled features on the screen
– Trigger Bot


Hack is currently stable, we have already tested, but please use hacks on an alt account. There will be always a risk of getting bans when you use any hacks in the market! EVERY HACKS NOT OURS ONLY! We do not accept any refunds once product have been sent! We are not responsible for any account bans.

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Apex Legacy

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